The caption winner and time wasters

Joshie Poo

I’ve picked a winner for the caption contest and his name is JowyyKazza. Jowyy (may I call you Jowyy?) wrote, “It’s too bad Josh hasn’t been in any good movies…ever…” The prize pack includes, what I assume to be, an El Cantante t-shirt, poster and soundtrack. Revel in the glory JowyyKazza for this is your crowning achievement in life. And if you don’t reply to my email soon, I’ll have to pick another winner and you’ll have squandered your 15 minutes of fame. Now on with the time wasters.

  • Drunken Stepfather: Leelee Sobieski and Tricia Helfer in PVC
  • CityRag: Matthew McConaughey Marketing
  • Celebslam: No tip for you!
  • Dlisted: My Little Pony’s Hooves Are Hurting!
  • HO: Nina Moric oily bum photo shoot video
  • TC: Jennifer Love Hewitt models bra
  • SOW: Guess who has stain on her dress and an all around upskirt?
  • Yeeeah: Brangelina Deathwatch Begins
  • EB: I Would Also Prefer County Jail Please
  • JIYHB: Marissa Miller tries on bras
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