This one is Britney’s fault

Britney Spears abruptly canceled a duet with Justin Timberlake to have been produced by Timbaland for no apparent reason last month. The decision has left her record label Jive “worried”. Many are concerned that without anything to perform at the VMAs, her comeback will be a huge flop. Like her boobs (snicker). Page Six writes,

“Timbaland set aside a week out of his crazy schedule to do this – and then, just before she was supposed to fly out, Britney abruptly canceled the session and refused to do the song.

“It’s crazy,” the insider added. “She’s looking for a comeback, and this would have not only been a huge hit, but something she could have opened the MTV Video Awards with and really blown everyone away.”

This moron said screw you to Timbaland. He’s produced more hits than Britney has hairs on her head. All this little piggy wants to do is walk around with a wig and eat. But, she probably has a good excuse for saying no. Maybe Costco just got a shipment of new chicken wing flavors and she really has to try them out. For research. For her comeback album of course.

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