This thing is still going on

R. Kelly faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted of child pornography. He will go to trial Sept 17, five years after he videotaped himself having sex with a minor. Kelly has entered a not guilty plea. The delay was caused by arguments over when the tape was made. The trial was also pushed back when the judge broke some bones after a fall.

Prosecutors have said the girl could have been as young as 13, but defense attorneys have disputed her age and whether Kelly is on the tape. The underground videotape was widely circulated.

First R. Kelly has sex with a minor who might not have even hit puberty yet and then he films it. No rational person would videotape their own crimes. You don’t see tapes of me breaking into Angelina Jolie’s house, rifling through her underwear drawer and sniffing her panties. Partially because I can’t get past the front gate without tripping the alarm, but mostly because I’m not a moron.

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16 years ago

having sex with a minor is not rational. therefore, he would not have to be rational to tape himself.

Concerned Parent
Concerned Parent
16 years ago

The article states he is on trail for child pornography. What about also charging him with statutory rape? The age of consent is surely more than 13 years old in most states.