Tom and Katie sleep in separate beds

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes move into their new Beverly Hills mansion, the two will sleep in separate bedrooms just like in their old house reports Star Magazine. The story is it’s because Tom Cruise snores which is why Tom gets the entire north wing of the second floor while Katie sleeps in the south wing. In their old place, it was because Katie was a good catholic girl and it was the proper thing to do. Which means good Catholic girls are “fun” since she took her top off in The Gift before meeting Tom.

“Katie wanted to make herself feel at home, and she insisted on remodeling her area, which consisted of a study, parlor and large bedroom suite. Over the course of several months, Katie created a larger space to have as her own. In the end, she designed the room of her dreams, a very feminine room painted in pastel colors, with a small carousel and filled with many stuffed animals.”

I’d put Katie on the other side too if I was Tom Cruise. It really kills the mood when a girl walks in on Tom doing his thing. Whatever that thing may be, which may or may not be covered in hot oil, wearing wrestling attire. My PE coach dubbed it practice. Although, I always found it a little odd that an 80 pound kid could pin a 198 pound adult. I must have been real strong for my age.

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