Vanessa Minnillo is naked

Vanessa Minnillo

Earlier reports indicated OK! Magazine paid $400,000 for those Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s sex pictures for their personal collection to whack off to to protect the couple. Today, a couple shots from the set showed up. Although not the sex pictures, it is Vanessa Minnillo naked. Or an unshaven Cabbage Patch doll with wonky nipples. I don’t know. I was never too good at these guessing games. Pictures are NSFW of course.

Translations of the speech bubbles

  • “Now I’ll get rid of the tan lines.” – Vanessa Minnillo
  • “Squeaky clean.” – Nick Lachey

Vanessa Minnillo nude in SpanishVanessa Minnillo nude in Spanish

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