Ving Rhames has huge killer dogs

The body of a 40-year-old caretaker working at Ving Rhames’ Brentwood home was found today on the front lawn. Police believe he was attacked and killed by Rhames’ dogs, two 200 lb. Mastiffs and two other Mastiffs. The animals are currently being quarantined. Ving wasn’t at home when the incident occurred.

A police spokesman says the death appears to be a “tragic accident.” The victim, who hasn’t been identified, had worked at the actor’s home for about two years and was responsible for caring for the dogs, said Los Angeles Police officer Sandra Gonzalez.

Police are unsure if the man died naturally and the dogs bit him after or if the dogs mauled him. One astute detective at the scene remarked, “Maybe he shouldn’t have taken that steak bath.” Hold on a sec, that’s not a detective. Shoo, homeless dude. Get outta here.

Update: The caretaker is said to have died from a heart attack as the dog bites weren’t fatal.

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Fila Owner 2
Fila Owner 2
16 years ago

I have 2 Fila’s, and this story breaks my heart. Those dogs shouldn’t get a bad rap. They are loyal only to the master and CANNOT be left with caretakers. If you can’t be with them and care for them on your own, you should not have them. You certainly should not have 8. With their owner family, they are as cuddly as babies, but anyone outside of ‘the pack’ is always viewed with suspicion. It sounds like maybe Ving thought somehow HIS Fila’s would be different and he could ignore the facts about their temperament and behavioral characteristics. Not… Read more »