Waste your time with these


  • WWTDD: Werewolves are scary. Am I going to hell because I laughed?
  • Celebitchy: R. Kelly’s trial will show sex video
  • Bastardly: More Salma Hayek Knocked-Up Boobies Pictures
  • CityRag: Brad Pitt Fights for New Orleans
  • Drunken Stepfather: Courtney Cox and bikini bottoms
  • IDLYITW: Criss Angel is Smooth
  • EB: Are You James Brown’s Child?
  • Just Jared: Masi Oka, Got Milk?
  • TC: Tara Reid in a bikini… again
  • Pajiba: What do pink satin gloves and a high-tea wedding shower have in common with The Invasion?
  • Hollywood Tuna: Christina Aguilera: Pregnant boob watch
  • Fleshbot: Nuts takes a holiday (NSFW)
  • NinjaDude: Ugly Betty is nervous
  • Attuworld: The DeLorean will be back in 2008
  • CS: Jack Osbourne Loves Sobriety
  • SOW: Jerry Lewis thinks he is still worth $20,000 to talk to
  • Dlisted: Foxy Brown is going to jail
  • TM: Christina’s hottest pics ever? Meh. (NSFW)
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