Brad Pitt thinks old age sucks

Brad Pitt is at the age where his body is falling apart. The 43-year-old Pitt says his face is going and his body isn’t the same. However, he says he’s earned it and despite old age breaking him down, he still feels a youthful energy from his humanitarian efforts.

“[Before,] I carried the standard cynicism” about trying to save the world, he says in October’s Details. But “[I felt] I can’t sit on my couch anymore. … My life, it’s very nice … but it’s not doing it for me…

A while back, someone told me, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” By “save the cheerleader”, I assume they meant have sex with cheerleaders and, not one to disobey orders, that’s exactly what I did. Honestly, I think the world has changed for the better. We’re moving towards renewable energy, people are becoming more aware of pollution and condom sales are up. All thanks to me. I’m just like Brad Pitt!

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lee mitchell
16 years ago

Oh boo hoo Brad. Surprise! Old age happens to celebrities too.

Roland Brockman
Roland Brockman
10 years ago

young people — Take care of yourselves — Brad is right.
You can’t be no sissy and grow old