Britney is a fat pig and time wasters

Britney Spears

Another reason why Britney’s performance sucked on Sunday?

“She was also able to see video of herself throughout the auditorium,” a backstage source tells Us Weekly. “She flipped out. She came running off the stage, yelling ‘Oh, my God, I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!’ She was inconsolable.”

Self-awareness. That’s progress. Now go waste your time with these.

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  • robbyrob

    i dont think she looks that bad man!

  • So that explains the way she’s been dressing the past year…..she has no mirrors in her house
    Enjoy Brangelina haters
    Or if that doesn’t work, try this

  • emmm

    realistically, she doesn’t look that bad, but considering she’s “Britney, queen of pop” or whatever, she’s in the entertainment industry and she’s not looking quite the way she used to but still trying to wear the same clothes, it doesn’t look very good

  • chewy

    surely this isn’t the first time she’s noticed that is it? her career is over unless she takes it more seriously. or else, surreal life season 10 for you britney!

  • No, no…Beth Ditto is a fat pig. Britney…well…she’s a whole lot of things, but not a fat pig. I guess because her rib cage and shoulder bones aren’t pertruding like Nosferatu, I suppose, to Hollywood, that must mean she’s fat. She didn’t look right in her outfit granted, but that was because it seemed so last minute and her body language was saying “I’m not comfortable and I don’t know what I’m doing”. That’s why she didn’t look right in her outfit. It was her nervousness and obvious lack of preparation. Her enthusiasm didn’t match the outfit…or lack of enthusiasm I should say.

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