Britney Spears is sorry

Britney Spears may be scheduled for an appearance at the Emmys on Sunday to apologize for her performance at the MTV VMA’s. A source close to Britney says,

“I can’t say this is 100 percent not true. All I can say is that the Emmy people aren’t dealing with her record company, her manager or her agents at William Morris. So if she is doing anything for the Emmys then it’s not going through the official channels.”

Britney’s going to apologize at an awards show for television for a performance she did on an awards show for music. That’s genius. Not only will the audience care even less, I’ll get to make fun of her more on Monday after she reads off an order for 20-piece chicken nuggets, a Big Mac, a shake, a salad, large fries, four cookies and a diet coke instead of her apology and then runs off the stage crying about being a “fat pig.”

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