Britney Spears knows she sucked, shows her vagina

Britney Spears was fully aware of her lackluster performance last night as Us Magazine says she was spotted backstage weeping.

Following a dismal performance of Spears’ new single, “Gimme More,” a source tells Us that Spears was spotted “crying badly [backstage]. She’s devastated. She was really nervous and knows she screwed up.”

A distraught Britney figured the best way to recover from this mess was to flash her vagina again. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Think really hard. Keep thinking. Actually, it doesn’t make sense at all. I just wanted to see you make that stupid face. Yea, that one. Quick, go look in the mirror and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Click the header for the NSFW pic.

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AAAHHHHH MY EYESSSS!! my Monday is ruined…


Oh, good grief! Can we give the crotch shots a rest?!!…

lee mitchell

Oh the horror…and I was about to have lunch too. (Okay…think happy thoughts) Really, was it necessary to post pictures of Brit’s undeveloped siamese twin? Her puss looks like a scene from ‘Planet Earth’. You can expect an onslaught from the late night comedians (rubbing my hands together and grinning in anticipation)…especially Joel McHale. That’ll be a blast. Cue the baratone voice from ‘The Soup’…”Britney’s Va Jay Jay”. I love that show.

lee mitchell

This might be too much to ask for, but if ‘The Soup’ punishes Brit for showing her stuff, (“if”? Who am I kidding?), I want to hear that chick with the sexy voice say “Sooooooo Meaty”. Seems appropriate in this situation doesn’t it? LOL

lee mitchell

Suddenly, Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photo isn’t so bad. At least I could keep food down after seeing that one. But don’t get too comfortable Vanessa. Brit’s bits may only be a diversion for a while. Don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten…muuuha ha ha ha ha!

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