Chuck Lidell is fun

UFC poster boy, Chuck Lidell, lost again over the weekend to Keith Jardine. While many believed this to be his comeback fight after losing his title to Quinton Jackson, the “most feared striker in the world” was simply outclassed on Saturday. Which is really a big surprise considering his grueling training. Just look how low Chuck can go and how he can strip at the same time. Simply amazing. How many muscles does that train at once? 200? It’s gotta be 200 at least. To all you hardcore gym rats out there, if you’re not incorporating boobies into your sets and reps, you’ll never amount to anything. You might as well be stuffing Twinkies in your mouth. Here, why don’t you just put on this dress and fix me some breakfast, girly man.

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15 years ago

Like Mickey Godwin said in Rocky WOMEN WEAKEN LEGS BIATCH