Diddy won’t play your mind games


Sean “Diddy” Combs was offended the other night, and rightly so, when the door girl at GoldBar dared to ask him, “How many people are in your party?” Page Six says,

He walked right up to the door girl with four other people in his crew. When she asked him how many people he was with, Diddy just called her a ‘fucking bitch’ and opened the velvet rope and let himself through.”

Wow, why’d you ask him that you asshat. Don’t you know Diddy is too important to be bothered with questions that require a monosyllabic response? Why are you even working in the food industry. Get your head in the game. Maybe you’d be better as a housewife. Who am I kidding? You’d probably mess that up too. How many eggs do I want? Are you trying to piss me off?

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13 years ago

well maybe if the fucking bitch just opened her eyes and used her brain she could SEE how many! duh!!

13 years ago

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kate binns
kate binns
13 years ago

Sean Diddy=P.R.I.C.K.
shankyouverymuch- racist undertones much? I say this, because, I thought about what someone like you would say about justin timberlake who is equally douchebaggy as Diddy, and gorilla probably wouldn’t be the response. Just food for thought, swimming around in the trenches

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