He paid $47,100 to be an extra for Will Ferrell

A Dallas man bid $47,100 for his 10-year-old son to be an extra in Will Ferrell’s new movie, Step Brothers, in a charity auction for Cancer for College. The part contains no spoken lines so expect some dumb looking kid to be a 3 second prop for Will Ferrell.

“We are overwhelmed with the response and generosity to the auction,” Ferrell said. “This money will help so many young people with their dreams of attending college.”

I don’t know. Charities are great and all, but it just seems like cancer patients have more to worry about than registering for fall classes. You know, like, hospital bills, radiation therapy and, what’s that other one? Oh, yea. Death.

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15 years ago

Do you suppose that if you had cancer you would just stop living your life? Are you not aware that cancer may not kill you immediately? Suppose you waited around for your imminent death. 7 years could pass by-while you loaf about, you don’t get educated, and you never experience the luxury of making friends or making a name for yourself?

You really should focus on celebrity gossip and not concern yourself with the ways in which a person with cancer should spend their time.