Heath Ledger is back in the game

Not letting his breakup with Michelle Williams affect his penis, Heath Ledger has been seen making out with Helena Christensen and trying to steal magician David Blaine’s girlfriend. Page Six reports,

Ledger has been squiring Danish pastry Helena Christensen all over town. Tuesday night, the two were at Wakiya “making out throughout the dinner,” our spy said. Acting like a good boyfriend, Ledger even “held her bag for her as she did interviews.” The two then went to the after-party for the movie “Eastern Promises” at the Soho Grand, and ended up at the Spotted Pig.

However, Rush & Malloy say Heath was hitting on David Blaine’s girlfriend, a “6-foot blond rocking a bowler hat and a bohemian shirt and shorts,” at the SoHo Grand while David was off doing magic tricks for Moby. Heath sauntered over the balcony, talked about not drinking and seemed to score her number.

Stepping out on the terrace, Heath told the model, “I don’t drink at all,” as they gazed at the view of the New York skyline. “I don’t drink either,” she replied, finding common ground.

Cell phones were pulled out, and Heath, perhaps, got the Eastern European beauty’s number – and just in time, because he then awkwardly blurted out the line, “I know a lot of people here in the city, so we could have some fun.”

Asked later by a fellow guest if Heath had picked her up, the European babe snapped, “No one picks me up! I don’t even know who that was.”

Oh man, don’t make David Blaine mad. That dude is crazy. He’s drowned himself, frozen himself and dangled himself. Who knows what he’ll do to people who hit on his date. Probably something unthinkable like chasing you around Times Square in a human hamster ball.

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