Ja Rule is not gay-friendly

Ja Rule spoke with Complex Magazine about the upcoming Congressional hearing regarding the content and imagery of African-American women in hip-hop. Ja Rule thinks it’s ridiculous, but he also thinks homosexuality is ridiculous. What’s more ridiculous? Gummi Bears. When you bite one in half, you can throw it at the roof and it sticks forever. Now that’s ridiculous.

“They got my man Doug Morris under fire and @#!*, they got him going down to go speak to Congress about hip-hop lyrics, are you @#*$ing serious?” Ja said. “There’s a f–king black kid right now about to get 25 years for having a fight with some white kids over hanging the nooses over the white tree, let’s get to that. Let’s get into sh-t like that, because that’s what’s tearing up America, not me calling a woman a b–ch or a h-e on my rap songs.”

“And if it is, then we need to go step to Paramount, and f–king MGM, and all of these other motherf–kers that’s making all of these movies and we need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and lets talk about all these f–king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can’t watch this sh-t,” he continued. “Dating shows that’s showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let’s talk about s–t like that! If that’s not f–king up America, I don’t know what is.”

Whoa, you’ve gone too far Ja Rule. Attacking lesbianism is uncool. It is my right as an American to watch chicks make out with each other in the afternoon. Be they hetero or h**o, it makes no difference. To condemn this act makes you un-American. And possibly gay.

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