Jennifer Lopez could be pregnant

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was at a fashion show modeling her clothes and had, what seemed to be, a baby growing inside of her. Armed with my x-ray glasses normally reserved for women’s locker rooms, women’s bathrooms and other rooms of group female nudity, I confirmed that there is indeed a fetus inside of her or a huge Subway sandwich. Meanwhile, MediaTakeOut chooses to go the “professional” route and have sources who report Lopez was being congratulated backstage on her pregnancy.

“Everyone was crowding around her and congratulating her about [her pregnancy]. She was really happy about it, and so was Marc Anthony.”

There you have it. Quoted from two inside sources at the event. Jennifer is pregnant. Possibly with Marc Anthony’s mutant rat baby.

Jennifer Lopez bump showJennifer Lopez bump showJennifer Lopez bump showJennifer Lopez bump showJennifer Lopez bump show

  • Bill Surman

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