Jessica Alba doesn’t work out

Amid speculation that Jessica Alba has been dieting too hard, the actress says that this is not the case. Alba admits she hasn’t even worked out in 2 months.

Alba, 26, looked fit at the annual Fashion Rocks concert in New York Thursday night, but denied doing anything to get her body the way it is. “I haven’t really worked out in two months, but I do like to do yoga. I’m not on a diet.”

Liar. She’s lying. You want to know why she’s so thin? Sex. Lots of it. With me. I won’t let her take any food breaks. My sexual appetite is insatiable. I’m not bragging either. Call me ladies. Please? I’m lonely.

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16 years ago

Yeah right! And I’m strait edge, because doing crack doesn’t count!!

16 years ago

lot of sex mean lot of guys who have sex with her.

Herman B
16 years ago

lol. venessa hudgens tastes that bad.

ok we’ll stick with halle berry and rosario dawson

by the way, i love your tongue. it looks like very soft toilet paper