Jessica Simpson is a jerk

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson attended the W magazine party yesterday and managed to piss off some designers after publicists cleared the balcony where she and her friends took over and banned anyone else from entering. To make matters worse, because of the heat, guests needed the balcony to cool off.

Once outside, Simpson, 27, talked mostly to her mane man Ken Paves and danced while publicists fiercely guarded the door and wouldn’t let any other guests on the patio.

Sweaty fashionistas don’t make happy fashionistas. You’d think they would have invented something to make their perspiration smell like roses by now, but they haven’t. They just smell like ass. So, either they’re too busy being pretentious to invent this or they aren’t as smart as their horn-rimmed glasses make them out to be.

Jessica Simpson nipplyJessica Simpson nipplyJessica Simpson nipplyJessica Simpson nipplyJessica Simpson nipply

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