Jessica Simpson wants to be artificially inseminated

Jessica Simpson has expressed her desire to have a child on more than one occasion. She was considering adoption, but, apparently, the idea of having a half-retard raise someone else’s child wasn’t idiotic enough. She now wants to be artificially inseminated with hairstylist and friend, Ken Paves’, sperm. Someone is claiming Jessica Simpson will have Ken’s baby in the next six months.

A source told More magazine: “Jessica has considered adopting but I think she has always wanted to experience pregnancy.

Whoever made up this story must have been bored. That’s right, I’m calling this fake. Either way, I’ll go with it for now. They say Jessica wants to experience pregnancy. We’re talking about Jessica Simpson. She probably thinks giving birth is like stepping into Baskin Robbins and trying all 31 flavors when in reality it’s like stepping into Baskin Robbins and getting gang raped by a herd of elephants.

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