Kelly Osbourne is really gross

Kelly Osbourne has gone on the offensive about celebrities who flash their labias. While the rest of the world calls it totally awesome, Kelly calls it sickening.

“It baffles me. I can’t even wear a thong. I always have to have my granny knickers on. I don’t understand the whole no knicker-wearing trend. It’s a bit sickening, but that’s how desperate people are for attention. Instead of going out and doing something good, they’d rather show their vaginas to the world.”

Hey, Kelly. I have some news for you. You are wearing a thong. You put one on in 2003, but it got lost in your humongous crack and folds so you sort of forgot about it. And just to let you know, you even loosely mentioning flashing your vag makes me want to punch a squirrel in the face. Anyway, thanks for the gift of wearing “granny knickers”. My eyes, penis and gag reflex appreciate it.

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CJ McAllistar
CJ McAllistar
16 years ago

Damn, if she doesn’t look the twin of her old man.