Kevin Federline has a secret witness

Lawyers for Kevin Federline say they have a “secret witness” who worked for Britney after she left rehab. TMZ says,

Dennis Wasser, who reps Spears, said, “Shame on Mr. Kaplan. How can he let this go on?” We’re told Kaplan made a play for the witness last Tuesday, but was shut down by the judge.

I love these guessing games. Someone who worked for Britney after rehab. Hm. Could it be? Yes, I think it is. The Hamburgler. The masked burger bandit will finally come out of hiding and testify that Britney did indeed procure his services for her and her kids. But, mostly for her. Ok. All for her. Her kids did get to enjoy those yummy, diabetes inducing sodas though.

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16 years ago

oh the Drama the Drama