Lindsay Lohan stole Steve-O’s cocaine

Lindsay Lohan

Steve-O went on Howard Stern yesterday and talked about how Lindsay Lohan stole his cocaine.

The freaky comic, who laughed uncontrollably while saying he likes to inhale nitrous oxide from whipped cream cans, said Lohan took what he called the “Boog Suge” from him after she forgot her wallet in his bathroom and came back to his place to get it. There’s even proof she was there – Lohan had to sign a release while at Steve-O’s house for a DVD he was filming at the time.

The story isn’t that Lindsay Lohan does coke because we all know she’d snort rails from a dirty ashtray. The story is that they’re calling Steve-O a comic. Nailing your balls to a piece of wood and setting your hair on fire makes you retarded, not a comic. The little boy that rides down my street in a pink bicycle and orange helmet is funnier than Steve-O. Especially when I throw a stick in between the spokes of his bicycle. It’s hilarious. At least I think so. The neighbors just stand there looking shocked. I guess they don’t get the joke.

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