Mary-Kate Olsen has a plan

Mary-Kate Olsen says she has a reason for not smiling in every picture she takes. It’s all part of her plan to stick it to paparazzi. Every time the photogs take a picture, she will cover her face and is content in being “the mean person who doesn’t smile.” The witch-like munchkin says,

“I would love to be able to swim in the ocean in Malibu,” she says. “But that is asking for a bikini shot. That’s inviting something that I don’t want to happen. I don’t need to be on a `Who’s Skinny, Who’s Fat, Who’s Looking Healthy, Who’s Not Eating?’ list.”

She’s already on my list of annoying little creatures who are way past their prime which lasted 1 week after they turned 18. Come on. Refusing to smile? Way to screw the paparazzi. That’s genius. Why not just cover your face with a plastic bag. I hear that makes you invisible. Anyway, here she is smiling for the paparazzi. Whoops, plan failed.

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16 years ago

Remember when people actually counted down to these girls’ 18th birthday? I think we all feel very foolish now.

16 years ago

Just remember that you don’t get stalked every day by hundreds of people with cameras.