Mary-Louise Parker adopts an African baby

Weeds actor, Mary-Louise Parker, quietly adopted a baby girl from Africa. Surprisingly, the adoption didn’t turn into a circus like with Madonna and Angelina Jolie. It also helps that people barely know who this is.

“Mary-Louise is such an incredible mom,” says a source. “She couldn’t be happier about this.”

Her reps refused to go into any more details except to say that Angelina Jolie and Madonna aren’t the only ones who can raise an African baby. The rep then said, “Suck on that bitches!”

Note: Quote may not be real.

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16 years ago

The title should read read “Mary-Louise Parker another Hollywood RETARD picks up a black trophie orphan to keep up with the RETARD pack”

16 years ago

If this “trend” keeps up, pretty soon, there will be no more poverty in Africa. There are some poor kids here in America that need adopting, oh but I guess adopting them is just…not as sexy.

not LEE
not LEE
15 years ago

Trend? There are tens of thousands of babies in Africa that need adopting who are barely alive even!!! At least the babies in America are being fed, clothed, and sheltered. Give me a break man, Africa needs help this is a good thing I don’t care if they get attention for it, it still helps the life of the baby.