Meagan good does indeed have nipples

Meagan Good stepped out in a see-through shirt and didn’t wear a bra. Par for the course as far as celebrities are concerned. I can’t help but think I’d be pretty excited if I was a huge fan of Meagan or even knew who she is. At this point, this is about as exciting as watching my neighbor undress which, coincidentally, I can now do with my sweet new binoculars. Hm, I should really tell her to have that mole near her armpit checked out. I think she has an ant problem too. Fire ants if I’m not mistaken.

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14 years ago

I know who Meagan. my only wish is that she forgets her clothes completely next time ;-)

14 years ago

see she got me all flustered. That should read. I know who meagan IS

lee mitchell
14 years ago

Awww, Meagan…not you too! Somewhere, Britney and Lindsay sitting around toasting Martinis saying “ha ha ha, now she is one of us, but this is only the beginning…ha ha ha”.
Whatever happened to girls revealing themselves in order to become famous and not because they are famous?…lol. Seriously, you can’t tell me that she didn’t know that her breasts were showing. Give me a break, Meagan…just when I was starting to like you.
Nice ta tas, by the way.

13 years ago

I love Megan Good….so I glad i saw this photo im gettin a poster of it

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