OJ Simpson arrested again

OJ Simpson was arrested on $78,000 bail yesterday on robbery and assault charges after he and several men carrying firearms stole sports memorabilia from a hotel room. It is unclear whether OJ himself carried a gun. OJ claims that he did nothing wrong and was merely taking back stuff that was stolen from him which is odd because a pair of Joe Montana cleats were also stolen. TMZ has audio of the incident here.

Simpson, 60, was taken into custody at the Palms hotel just off the Las Vegas strip on Sunday morning without incident and booked on suspicion of armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and burglary, Las Vegas police said. If convicted on all charges, Simpson could face some three decades in behind bars.

OJ stands to do a lot of time if convicted. In spite of that, he seems really jovial. You would too if you got away with murdering two people and now you had to stand trial for a simple robbery. That’s like having to climb a jungle gym after climbing Mt. Everest. The only hard part is pushing the little kids off. Some of them just won’t let go no matter how hard you step on their fingers.

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