Pamela Anderson could be engaged

Pamela Anderson told Ellen DeGeneres that she’s now engaged to Rick Soloman, the man famous for releasing Paris Hilton’s sex tape, or illusionist’s assistant Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari (depending on if you believe Metro or The Sun) after he promised to pay off her $250,000 poker debt if she made out with him.

“It’s so romantic. It’s romance. I was playing poker one night in my room and I was down about £125,000. He said if I made out with him I could clear the … thing. And I ended up paying off my poker debt. And then I fell in love and now we’re engaged.”

Yea, that is romantic. It also makes you a whore, but, hey, whatever. This whole thing confuses me. Pamela sold herself for an easy $250k and it’s a cutesy story while I get all this crap for buying Russian prostitutes in bulk. Lame. Oops, that reminds me, my container has been sitting there for two weeks already.

Here’s Pamela at her least whorish.

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