Pete Doherty is deranged

A couple of weeks ago a story came out about Pete Doherty’s cocaine addicted cat giving birth to a crack kitty. Today,The Sun put up a picture of Pete Doherty making his cat smoke cocaine through a pipe he specially made so it could get the maximum hit. Friends of the rocker say this happens on a regular basis and causes the cat to pass out, suffer mood swings and think it can fly.

The friend said: “One in particular has borne the brunt of his drug abuse. Pete thinks it’s hilarious to get it wasted.

“He even made a special mini-crack pipe out of a bottle so it can get the maximum hit.

“But the kitten is starting to get really bad withdrawal symptoms.

“It has lost some of its balance and takes huge risks jumping over things that are too high. It thinks it can fly. It’s really distressing to see.”

I just don’t know what this retard is going to do next. Hopefully, he’ll inject himself with air. I hear it’s like, the greatest high, man.

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16 years ago

Excellent Karma, Pete. Can’t wait to see you what you’re going to come back as next time around. Maybe one of those cats in Asia who get skinned alive and eaten.

You’ve downgraded from “out of control addict” to “bullying, abusive loser”. My hat’s off to you.