Quentin Tarantino wants to do a sex film

Quentin Tarantino is best known for his dialogue driven, violence filled movies. Now, he wants to make “a cool sex movie that would take place in Stockholm, with a couple of Americans visiting a couple of Swedish friends . . . just going out drinking, having a good time, hooking up.” Except, it probably will still be really weird. Quentin says,

“If I actually do an erotic movie, I’m going to have to reveal what I find sexy, what turns me on . . . It’s got to be kind of kinky, because that’s what’s cinematic, that’s what’s fun. Everything else is just – shagging.”

It’s widely known Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish. So, I’m going to guess this will be an hour and a half of guys sucking on girls’ feet and girls sucking on guys’ feet. And because Quentin has to be shocking. He’ll throw in a scene of guys circle jerking around a disemboweled chick. See? I can be a shocking writer too. Here I am Hollywood!

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16 years ago

What would be a good title? Who can be punny?