Sean Combs is too hot for tv

MTV has refused to run the new commercial for Sean Combs’ fragrance, Unforgivable, and has sent it back to the mouth breather mogul for editing. MTV is using the excuse that it’s too hot for tv. The real reason they’re not running it is when the disclaimer tells viewers to have their eye bleach handy, very few will know what that means. “Eye bleach? What’s eye… Oh dear God, I can’t see. I’M BLIND!,” is believed to be the casual viewer’s response.

The offending footage includes Diddy “hiking up” Gomez’s skirt, putting his hands under her dress, and a scene with another woman holding Gomez’s breast and pulling down her underwear. Combs is refusing so far to edit his commercial.

Raise your hand if you think watching Diddy have sex is going to sell a fragrance. Ok, now to the people raising their hands, please shoot yourselves in the face.

Update: Now with disturbing video.

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16 years ago

I would NOT like to smell that. Or the fragrance.

16 years ago

Looks more like a mini-series for a date rape drug than a fragrance commercial.