Stephen Dorff is good with the ladies

Stephen Dorff has a hard time with the ladies. At a Malibu party, the might as well be out of work actor had his ego crushed trying to pick-up a girl.

Approaching one beauty, “He said, ‘Hey,’ in this smarmy way and asked her when they were going to go out,” said an eavesdropper. “She told him, ‘Likely never,’ and he turned completely red and asked, ‘Why not?’ ” When the woman responded that Dorff was not her type, he responded, “What? Really good-looking is not your type?” He then walked away. “It was hysterical.”

That story is funny on its own. Ah, yes. Life is always better when other people do your work for you. Like my neighbor who takes my trash out for me after I dump it in his backyard. Thanks friend.

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lee mitchell
16 years ago

Stephen, you should have mentioned your ground breaking roles in the movies to impress he, movies like….like…urrrr, on second thought, walking away was good.

Stating the obvious
Stating the obvious
16 years ago

Um, who the hell is this guy?