Time wasters

Ah, yes. The classic “Marriage proposal on a jumbotron from your friend to his girlfriend, but neither your friend nor his girlfriend know about it” prank. This one ups the ante in the College Humor “Prank Wars” war. Public humiliation has never felt so good.

  • Celebslam: Courtney Love is angry
  • Bossip: What happens when two rappers fake battle each other? Kanye probably cries, that’s what
  • TC: Some rapper got knocked out
  • Horny Oyster: Alena Seredova bikini pics
  • Attuworld: Actors turned musicians
  • IDLYITW: Tommy Lee Talks About His Fight With Kid Rock
  • NinjaDude: Mary-Kate Olsen On Weeds
  • Derek Hail: Mischa Barton wears something ugly
  • HB: Brooke Shields Drives Into Her House; Blames High Heels
  • AB: Advanced Parseltongue with Daniel Radcliffe
  • CNW: Keira Knightley Will Give You A-bone-ment in Atonement
  • Just Jared: K-Fed Has a Mini Faux Hawk
  • SOW: Chicago morning anchor suspended for dirty dancing?
  • CS: Disco Duck Diva
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