Time wasters

Hayden Panettiere

If I’m not lazy, you’ll see some Emmy pictures up later. I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back and refreshing. Heh heh heh. Did my evil plan work?

  • TC: Heidi Klum has a nice body
  • Yeeeah: Owen Wilson shows off his suicide scars
  • NinjaDude: Justin Timberlake is a woman
  • Dirty Rotten Whore: Demi Moore getting old (Site NSFW)
  • HB: Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood In Toronto
  • Hollywood Tuna: An Emily Scott Picture Moment
  • CS: Amy Winehouse Gets Vintage Jukebox for 24th Birthday
  • SOW: Prison Break starts tonight
  • ICYDK: Britney fans may want less of “Gimme More”
  • IDLYITW: Hayden Panettiere Looked Ridiculous
  • lee

    Awww, look, it’s Hayden Penetttttasss…something. Nice disguise with the sunglasses and all. I almost didn’t recognize her. (covering my mouth, snickering)

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