Time wasters

Ali Larter

  • TC: Michael Jackson secretly married?
  • Drunken Stepfather: Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s sister, has cleavage
  • Yeeeah: Ashley Simpson has breathing problems. The problem is she’s breathing
  • Bastardly: Alessandra Ambrosio takes her boyfriend for a walk
  • Celebitchy: Elton John may own child porn
  • Hollywood Tuna: Alyssa Milano in the shower. Not as hot as you’d think
  • CityRag: Dear Angelina & Brad: Please Back Off the School
  • Celebslam: Britney Spears is thirsty, retarded
  • Bossip: Timbaland Says Jay-Z Just Raps For Fun
  • SOW: Knight Rider is coming back
  • TFT: Ali Larter gets it from behind (NSFW)
  • Grumpiest: Danielle Lloyd Flashes her Ass
  • NinjaDude: Blohan Not Leaving Rehab This Weekend
  • CS: Evan Rachel Wood Gets Tattoo, Immediately Regrets It
  • Dlisted: Carrot Top needs to lay off the roids
  • College Humor: UT Longhorns Cranking that Soulja Boy. Football players are so graceful
  • Attuworld: This is not reckless driving
  • VH1: Tracey Morgan drops knowledge, rhymes
  • lee

    Speaking of “Time Wasters”, I didn’t get to see the season premiere of ‘Heroes’, and with good reason, as far as I’m concerned. Last season’s finale was less than edge-of-your-seat exciting, so I decided not to get succered into this season. Good thing I work on Mondays.
    Now, if Ali had her own superhero drama, that would be another story.

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