Tom Cruise angered by a fart

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was recently granted permission by the German government to film Valkyrie in Berlin only if Germany was portrayed in a positive light. Thrilled, Tom decided that they should take a moment of silence to honor the anti-Nazi heroes. However, the silence was broken when a soon to be fired crew member let one rip.

“The film’s director Bryan Singer, the screenplay writer Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise asked us all to observe a moment’s silence shortly before we started filming.”

A source on the set added to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Fortunately the mystery gassy man didn’t completely ruin the touching gesture.

“Quite rightly, Tom is furious. We were filming at the Bendler Block in Germany where the anti-Nazis were executed.”

I think people should fart at inopportune moments more often. It’ll lighten the mood. During your friend’s wedding vows? Fart. At a funeral? Fart. Job interview? Fart. Doctor says you have cancer? Fart. Police are questioning you about all that blood in your trunk? Fart. In an elevator? Silent, but deadly fart.

  • Mel

    Too bad his head didn’t explode. He’s a disgusting maniac who supports a CULT.

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