Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fight

Pamela Anderson’s exes, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, got into a shoving match at the MTV VMAs last night. Page Six says Kid Rock “sucker smacked” Tommy Lee.

The ensuing fight lasted 15 seconds and each man was escorted out separately by security. After the fracas, which wasn’t caught by the network’s cameras, MTV News correspondent Sway joked, “There was a fight tonight, and I’m glad to see it wasn’t rappers.” Kid Rock was later cited for misdemeanor battery and could face up to six months in jail, but that it would be uncommon, Officer Bill Cassell told the AP.

Some say “sucker smacked” sounds very homoerotic. Tommy Lee disagrees. Just look at his face. It’s slightly red. Not from the fight mind you, from the embarrassment. Because to call this a fight would be an insult to men everywhere. I’ve seen chubby kids fiercer than this. That’s what happens when you steal their hotdog. Their meaty hands are like little clubs I tell ya.

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