Adrian Grenier is full of himself

Three “Entourage” stars have been letting fame go to their head. Kevin Connnolly, E on the show, charges $30,000 to show up at events. Jeremy Piven, Ari Gold, charges between $100k to $120k. The biggest ego belongs to Adrian Grenier, Vincent Chase, who ladies say stares at himself in the mirror, in awe of his reflection.

Adrian is so conceited,” one magazine source says of star Adrian Grenier, who plays a bed-hopping celebrity, both on and off screen. “He’s such a ladies’ man. I think he has slept with everyone I know. One girl said once they were laying in bed and he was staring at himself in the mirror, saying, ‘Look how beautiful I am … it’s amazing.'” According to the source, “He always used to have parties at his house in Los Feliz and just seduce tons of girls.”

That’s what happens when you become famous. Women who wouldn’t even help you after the ladder you were using to look in their window tipped over, now ask you to dribble hot wax over their naked body. All of a sudden the restraining orders disappear. You don’t need to wait in line. You’re not even at a truck stop and men stare at you while you’re urinating. Everything changes. And if you think about it, this girl who’s bitching about how conceited Adrian is probably slept with him the day before because she thought he was hot. Yea, makes perfect sense. Just like my new invention, hot ice cream. It’s going to be the biggest thing ever.

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16 years ago

what does turtle get paid? 1-2 thousand? or maybe with a sack full of burgers.