Alyssa Milano went somewhere

Alyssa Milano

Finally, a child star who didn’t go off the deep end. This girl must be 30+, but she’s still in the masturbatory fantasy lineup. She’s batting about 8th or 9th. Able to get me going, but sometimes I have to concentrate a little harder though. Pinch hitters like Jessica Alba come in once awhile to bring me home. These pictures show a veteran player cognizant of the necessary sacrifices to maintain a long career as masturbation material. Notice the tight abs, hint of cleavage, the rounded mounds of booby. This is one ex-child star who would never let a chalupa pass her lips. And when was the last time you saw her vagina? Notice the keyword: “you”. Me, I saw it on Tuesday. These high-powered binoculars really do work! And they were on sale. Really, who can pass up a sale?

Guest post by Captain Swarthy

Alyssa Milano posesAlyssa Milano posesAlyssa Milano posesAlyssa Milano posesAlyssa Milano poses

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13 years ago

pretty good pics for her…a lot less wookie-like then usual.

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