Bobby Brown didn’t have a heart attack

Gimme a ‘C’. Gimme an ‘O’. Gimme a ‘K’ and ‘E’. What’s that spell? Acute myocardial infarction for one Bobby Brown. C’mon Bobby, is this the only way you can get in the news? You don’t have to kill yourself to get some publicity. Just show us your vagina once in awhile. You once starred in your own show on Bravo, now you’re more likely to end up on A+E’s “Intervention”. Poor Whitney will plead, “Please Bobby Bobby, please! Let this NOT be your prerogative!” You used to be such a cute kid in New Edition. Don’t end up to be a gap-toothed basehead. I don’t want to point at the homeless man on the street, storing his urine in bottles as the guy who once sang “Mr. Telephone Man” and “Cool It Now”.

Guest post by Captain Swarthy

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