Boy band mastermind is a pedophile

Lou Pearlman is known for unleashing NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys upon the world. However, now he’s about to be known for something more horrible. Vanity Fair reports that Lou is a pedophile who molested the young talent he created. Most famous of his victims was Nick Carter whose mother Jane tried to warn all the other mothers about his indiscretions. But, her cries fell on deaf ears. Pearlman is currently awaiting trial for bank fraud. He is reported to have scammed $315 million from 1,000 investors. Vanity Fair writes,

“I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou’s game was,” Steve Mooney, an aspiring singer who was Pearlman’s assistant, told VF’s Bryan Burrough. “Some guys joked about it. I remember [one singer] asking me, ‘Have you let Lou [fellate] you yet?’ ”

Mooney said he once asked Pearlman, who was known as “Big Poppa,” what it would take for him to get into a band. “I’ll never forget this as long as I live. He leaned back in his chair, in his white terry cloth robe and white underwear, and spread his legs,” Mooney told Burrough. “And then he said, and these were his exact words, ‘You’re a smart boy. Figure it out.’ ” Mooney added that a singer groped by Pearlman told him, “Look, if a guy wants to massage me, and I’m getting a million dollars for it, you just go along with it. It’s the price you got to pay.”

Phoenix Stone, an early member of the Backstreet Boys, tells Vanity Fair Pearlman was “definitely inappropriate” with Nick Carter. Nick’s mom, Jane Carter, wouldn’t get into specifics, but said, “Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers . . . I tried to expose him for what he was years ago.”

Tim Christofore, a member of Take 5, recalls that during a sleepover at Pearlman’s house, the music czar swan-dived onto his and another boy’s bed and wrestled with them wearing only in a towel, which came off. “We were like, ‘Ooh, Lou, that’s gross.’ What did I know? I was 13,” Christofore told Vanity Fair.

Rich Cronin, lead singer of LFO, recalled Pearlman told him of an “ancient massage technique that if I massage you and we bond in a certain way, it will strengthen your aura.”

This guy is bad news. He gave us Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter then tried to molest them. It’s like if Satan raped one of his henchmen. When Lou goes to court for bilking people out of millions, I don’t think the judge will mind if people formed a line to kick the guy in the nuts in an attempt to turn him sterile. Well, maybe he’d mind a little. He’d probably have to bang his gavel and tell Lou to remain silent while people kick him in the balls or he’ll hold him in contempt of court.

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15 years ago

Justin Timberlake is a Punk. That was clear in the way he has gone on after his part in the Janet Jackson nipple case which caused government intervention in broadcasting. He was never punished nor was he scrutinized like Janet. These ‘girlfriends’ are just paid in the traditional way Hollywood has always tried to cover up the homosexual male stars. He’s Briteny’s boyfriend, then he’s Cameron Diaz. Now he’s seeing Jessica Biel. Its all BS. Totally. So why are we supposed to be surprized about the pedophilic nature of his guru and creator?

15 years ago

an old ,fat bastard that’s always surounded by young pretty boys…geez, is this really shocking news to anyone?!