Britney is an idiot

Wow, look at her rock those chins. Today was the first supervised visitation Britney had with her kids since the judge handed custody over to K-Fed. It didn’t go to well. Actually, it didn’t go at all. Life & Style claims Britney missed it because of a broken intercom.

“She and Alli [Sims] headed to Brit’s Malibu house. They went to sleep as soon as they got there. Brit was up in plenty of time to prepare for the boys’ visit at 10 a.m.

“But she waited, and waited, and they didn’t show up. Alli’s cellphone rang, and it was Kevin [Federline’s] people, saying that the boys were going back to Kevin because she hadn’t answered the intercom at the gate!

“Brit didn’t realize the intercom wasn’t working. She begged them to bring the boys back. But they wouldn’t. She was devastated that they wouldn’t turn around.”

We’ve already determined Britney is an imbecile. What we need to figure out now is how much of an imbecile. They should give her that test where you fit pegs into its matching hole. After five minutes, she’ll probably be sitting there, gnawing on the peg because she thinks it’s a tube of cookie dough.

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