Britney really loves her kids

At yesterday’s court hearing, Judge Scott Gordon refused to return custody of the kids to Britney Spears, but did grant her supervised visitation. No one knows if Britney received the news because instead of being in court like K-Fed was, he even wore a fancy eye patch as a result of an infection, she was drinking Starbucks with her dog.

Experts had told The News it would have been a good idea for Spears, 25, to tell the judge face to face she was ready to clean up her act. Instead, she was spotted tooling around the Malibu hills with her dog, stopping at a Starbucks and a gas station.

Mother, hero. Two words that will never be used to describe Britney. She’d leave her kids in a gas station restroom if the paparazzi weren’t following her around. If I was Sean Preston or Jayden James, I’d learn how to speak as fast as I could just so I can slap Britney’s pudgy little check while she’s sleeping and tell her, “You suck!” and maybe throw my dirty diaper on her face so she’d know I’ve been wearing the same Pampers for the past 5 days.

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16 years ago

What skank rot…