Carmen Electra is too old for this

Carmen Electra

There comes a point in every celebrity’s life that time begins to take the one thing they thought would never leave them. The only thing that garnered them such attention. The only reason they decided to forgo college and find a career as an actress / model. The only quality they thought they’d ever need for the rest of their lives. Beauty. Carmen Electra. Much like Pamela Anderson before you, your time has come. Don’t get me wrong. Your boobs are still awesome and your body is still bangin’, but your face. It’s just not… how can I put this delicately? It’s just not the type of face kids want to beat off to these days. Oh, don’t be sad. You can still be successful and old. Maybe you’d have great success in an office or behind a desk or somewhere where all these pesky camera flashes aren’t going off. Here, why don’t you try this broom closet I emptied out for you. I mean, at least until Jessica Alba finishes walking by.

Carmen Electra has boobsCarmen Electra has boobsCarmen Electra has boobsCarmen Electra has boobs

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