Danny Bonaduce slams Survivor on face

Last night at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, Danny Bonaduce picked up Jonny Fairplay from Survivor and slammed him on his face. Jonny lost some teeth and broke a toe. The little red-headed hulk says that the bad blood began when Jonny lied about his grandmother dying to gain sympathy on Survivor. TMZ has the play by play.

Danny said he thought the show was over and he was leaving, and Fairplay was on the stage, asking the audience why he was booing him. Danny says, as he walked by, he said “They’re booing him because they hate him.”

Someone then asked Danny to go on stage and tell him that, which he says he did. Danny says he was off the first step of the stage when Fairplay suddenly ran at him, jumped on him and wrapped his legs around him.

Danny says he didn’t know if Fairplay was joking. He then says he grabbed the butt of Fairplay’s jeans and threw him over his head, not realizing how light he was. Danny says Fairplay face planted into one of the seats behind him.

I’m never sure if there’s anything below D-list. E-list or F-list? Whatever the case may be, I find it amusing Danny Bonaduce sounds like Danny Bonadouchey. It’s very fitting. Just like Britney Spears sounds like Britney Cupcake, Lindsay Lohan sounds like Lindsay Crackhead and Christina Aguilera sounds like Christina Huge Boobs. No? Maybe it’s just me.

Note: Upon viewing the actual video, I have changed my stance. Go Danny Douchey. I mean Bonaduce. Toss that face humper to the ground.

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Sheila-Marie Brown
Sheila-Marie Brown
16 years ago

Danny was drunk as all get out. Granted, he was wasted, but he was not expecting that Thing to jump on him…
But, Danny was tore up, from the floor up!