Diana Ross is pretty

Diana Ross

Diana Ross probably thought she was going to a Halloween party when she attended the launch of Tiffany’s Blue Book in New York on Saturday. This is horrid. She looks like a cheap hooker. Even the clowns at Ringling Bros. would say this is too much. I bet this is a cruel joke by her makeup artist. “Oh, sure you look beautiful. You’re gonna kill it Diana. You go girl!” In unrelated news, I’m out of a job and I don’t think I can put “makeup artist” on my resume anymore.

  • RobertABC

    Talk about some bad lighting…I hope she had her coffee before she was shown this one…not all the photos were of this unusual state…looks out of good taste the more appropriate photos would have been used…she was once listed as one of the most beautfiul women in the world…jealousy is an ugly thing…

  • Thomas Smith

    She’s still one of the most beautiful women in the world. That was just an unfortunate shot – bad lighting with the type of makeup she was wearing, and one of those split-second bad facial expressions the camera can sometimes capture.

  • KTT

    This is a beat up. Have a look at the photos on Getty Images to see the true photos befor someone got to it to brush(paint) it up.

  • TJ

    This is (clearly) a retouched photo–and retouched to make Diana look ridiculous. Yes, she was wearing heavy stage makeup (as she was performing a show at this event), but if you look at the candid photos on or, she looks NOTHING like this hack job.

  • markus

    This was taken in NYC last weekend, at the Tiffany’s Blue Book event…and SHE DID NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!

    Go to, editorial section, type in “Diana Ross”, and about 10 pictures from this SAME event will come up, and you will see that this photo has obviously been altered in the most unflattering way…

    am I on right now? I’d think I was…

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