Diddy didn’t himself in

Yesterday, reports indicated Diddy would turn himself in to be booked for misdemeanor assault. However, that didn’t happen and it probably won’t as Diddy and Steven Acevedo are thought to be settling this amicably which is another way of saying Diddy is paying the guy off.

Combs and Steven Acevedo were spotted Monday night at Butter in the Village. They chatted for about an hour, then parted ways and pretended to ignore each other the rest of the night, sources said.

“A little money will change hands, and the punch will be like it never existed,” a police source said.

Money solves everything. Try it out for yourself. Next time you’re at the grocery store, go up to a kid and kick him in the nuts. Before he starts crying for mommy, run. I was going to tell you to give him $100 to placate him, but it’s $100, man, and you didn’t spend all those hours on the treadmill for nothing.

Update: Or maybe not says Page Six. When asked whether he and the rapper made up, Steven gave the impression they didn’t.

“Definitely not,” he said outside his Manhattan apartment, before slowly drawing his finger across his throat in a menacing gesture directed at the hip-hop mogul, who is a longtime acquaintance.

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