Diddy will turn himself in

Sean “Diddy Combs” will turn himself in on Tuesday to be booked for misdemeanor assault for punching someone in the mouth. The alleged beating stemmed from an argument over an ex-girlfriend.

Combs and the alleged victim, Steven Acevedo, 31, at first just traded insults inside the Spring St. hot spot.

But after the dust appeared to settle, Combs and some of his bodyguards came back, Acevedo told cops. Combs then knocked Acevedo to the ground with a punch to the mouth. When Acevedo got up, Combs allegedly punched him a second time, sources said.

As Combs’ fists flew, a member of his entourage allegedly boasted to Acevedo, “We won’t shoot you. You can even hold our guns,” a police source said. No weapon was displayed and no witnesses saw any weapon, the source said.

Whoa. Diddy is tough with his entourage. That guy can take on anybody with his entourage. He should make his way to the UFC and knockout every single fighter that stands in the way of him and his entourage. Diddy won’t even take off his Sean John’s in the octagon. That’s how hardcore he is with his entourage. You should all run when Diddy comes at you with his entourage or suffer a beat down of a lifetime by the hands of his entourage.

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16 years ago

this is so funny “with his entourage” LOL u guys rock

16 years ago

This guy is so full of himself he probably insists on having time alone so that he and his ego can share intimate moments together.