Dog the Bounty Hunter unleashes a racist tirade

Dog the Bounty Hunter

The National Enquirer obtained two tapes (one tape is over here) in which Dog Chapman can clearly be heard using the N word over and over while telling his son, Tucker, that he can no longer work with him unless he breaks up with his black girlfriend, Monique Shinnery. In an ironic twist, Dog explicitly states that part of the reason he wants the relationship to end is because he doesn’t want tapes of him saying the word “nigger” being leaked to The National Enquirer and jeopardizing everything he’s worked for. I guess that didn’t work out too well. A&E quickly released a statement in response to the tapes.

In response to this story, A&E network has released a statement saying: “A&E has just learned of the story released by the National Enquirer concerning Duane Dog Chapman. We take this matter very seriously. Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded we will take appropriate action.”

TMZ reached out to Dog and was directed to Pastor Storey, who’s coincidentally black and described by USA Today as a pastor to the stars. He told TMZ Dog’s excuse was that he was angry at his son, not his girlfriend which makes perfect sense for his bigoted tirade.

Honestly, there’s really no way Dog can dig himself out of this hole. Unless he goes for the standby excuse that he was framed. Framed by someone who sounds exactly like him. Someone sporting an evil handlebar mustache named Dog… Blapman. Dog can even hold a press conference where he’ll look directly into the camera and shake his fist screaming, “This is the last time you screw with me Dog Blapman!” You know, really go that extra mile to convince people he’s not the racist one.

To help A&E recover from this ordeal, I have come up with a new network slogan: “A&E now with 100% less mullet”. A&E, you may pay me my royalties in gold bars at your earliest convenience.

  • chewy

    there goes his show..

    ironic, how he “doesn’t want to lose his show b/c some n**** heard him use the word n****.” his explanation is classic..that he doesn’t mean “you f**** scum n**** without a soul”..oh really? ohh..ok..that’s better then..b/c, i was beginning to think you meant the word in a derogatory sense.

    honestly, though, is it a surprise someone like him would talk like that?

  • inked

    I think the DOG is right. I don’t think whites and blacks should date and what he said is his phone conversation should have stayed in his phone conversation. I think its bullshit that a black person can call us cracker and honky and even rap out nigger in that stupid ass rap music but as soon as a white man says the word nigger he is stamped a racist. Fu(k that! I have black friends and I have white friends but I don’t like a nigger. LOOK THE DAMN WORD UP! “nigger” is a trashy person, white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, it doesn’t matter what color you are. Blacks just need to stop looking at white people with racism because of what happened a looooooong time ago. It’s over so shut the fuck up and grow up.

    • lone wolf

      people like you know very well why the blacks take that word personally and its because of the way the whites portrayed them back racist fuckhead LOOK THOSE DAMN WORDS UP, you piece of shit.if dog would have used that word in any of his shows freely on camera he would for sure had lost his shows a loooong time you shut the fuck up and get a life you piece of shit.

  • inked

    thats funny. this site will blur out the word n*gg*r on its own but not fuck or damn… what ever happened to freedom of speach anyways?

    • lone wolf

      well here you go you white maggot

  • Word is still there, if you hover over it you can see it.

  • Dick Bottos

    You go Dog fuck them niggers fredom of speech, they call you whitie and nothing call them one thing and Al Sharpten wants to go live up your ass. Fuck them dog i from the south and they ain’t nothing but bitches oh wait they buried that word fuck them.

    • lone wolf

      you racist prick, im a white american and people like you put shame on us.some of our best friends and relatives are african americans and other races.your racist views will no doubt motivate hate and violence and try to fuel and your kind are jus low lifes and you dont deserve to walk among try and get near the black president of the united states of america and i will almost garrantee you that it will a white proud anti racist american serviceman that would shoot you.and probly a few other white guards that would follow up.get over it you piece of sh**. you or someone you know may well need the hand of a blackman to help you sometime in your senseless life.

  • Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will destroy your career!

    I guess Dog Chapman isn’t entitled to have a bad day, get upset and say something stupid, or otherwise be a human being.

    Hell, he’s had it so easy since Mexico tried to extradite him, he was thrown in prison, his daughter was killed, etc. etc.

    But my question to his detractors is; how many of you people who are condeming him for his ill-thought words, have uttered the very same ones in private? In private as he thought he was doing. Imagine if you had been taped without your knowledge?

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!


  • Lisa

    inked.. did you just say that blacks and whites shouldn’t date? That totally gave me the giggles. In all seriousness, though, where do you live, and do all the locals feel the same way? Just so I can avoid ever going there. Thanks in advance!

  • 7dragons

    And the ignorance continues. With Duane and others that have made comments here. You racists are disgusting! I know what the root word is and its meaning. It has nothing to do with black people. The twisted and ignorant pronunciation used by whites now is pretty much exclusively used in regard to blacks; so much so that it is really disingenuous for white people to suggest otherwise. If it matters enough that you don’t want people to think you mean the word in regard to black people don’t use it at all. Broaden your mind and think of another way to refer to ignorant people (of any race).

  • Anita

    I was raised to know that all people bleed the same. I don’t CARE in what term you ment to use the “N” word. I DO NOT CARE that you CLAIM not to mean it in a derogatory form. To use that is to call all white people honkeys among other negative things. To force your son to give up a relationship JUST because you are racist (yes, I say you are after that stupid a**ed comments) is bullcrap! And I don’t care if you thought you were on a private conversation. It comes with the territory of being in the public eye. You have no privacy. You gave privacy up when you signed the contract to be taped doing your job. I hope your son tells you to go F yourself and makes himself happy.

  • Rob

    There goes our civil liberties. that is another example of the democrates protecting everyone except for white people. F all those N’s

  • lewis

    for someone to pray b4 every show, for some1 to say that they want to help people do the rite thing, and give folk a second chance on life, [yea i use to watch the show, not anymore], its ashame,

  • I didn’t see the show or hear the words DOG spoke.But I’m from the SOUTH and I don’t use that word maybe because of the job I was in they are called w/m, or w/f, b/f or b/m.But I am a parent of only a 28 yr old daughter with only a 3yr old grandson and I’m terminally ill. Who has a husband that is worth calling anything on this planet, because I see him as matter occuping space, good for nothing, and the best part is he thinks he is “GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN”.YUCKKKKK.
    All I can say is I HEAR YOU DOG !!!!

  • Harrison

    White people are the most ignorant people in the world!!!! They get on websites like this one and talk shit all day BUT in your face they will act like your best friend. I would say a lot more but my Christian ways won’t allow me to. But the next time you’re talking shit on a website think to yourself would I say this in a black persons face? And I Guarantee you won’t. So keep hiding behind ya’ll sheets!

  • Mimi

    I usually don’t respond in these comment forums but there is something going on that is annoying the hell out of me. It’s not the various racist comments sprinkled throughout, it’s the idea, expressed by a few of you here and on other sites, that the word nigger is some generic term meaning ignorant and that it doesn’t apply only to black people.
    This is so wrong. Not only is this word older than this country, it has always ALWAYS been used as a derogatory term for balck people. It is older than Websters, it is older than free speech, it has been around since before the slave trade and it has always meant the same thing.
    Furthermore, I am a Black woman and I, in all my life, have never heard a black person use the term honkey or cracker outside of a comedy routine. The only reason why it is even used in this format is to highlight it’s obsurdity. Those terms will never resound like nigger.
    People need to stop making excuses, and watch what they say in public.

  • Ray

    [email protected]

    Quit being such a Nigger.


    And that’s what you’re being right now, Nigger.

    Now if you’re telling us:

    Nigger=Only for blacks, thats racist in itself you dumb Nigger.

    See, I capitalized Nigger to make you feel special.



    Therefore it’s safe to assume that Blacks=Ignorant.

  • Dennis Putnam

    So whats the big deal, if they “niggers”, don’t know what they are, we need to teach them.. WE did not bring them to the US and if they had not been brought over they would still be living in trees and stuff.. If they are so proud of Africa, let them go home. Damn crack heads, Oh where did aids come from Africa, where do hurricanes come from? Africa.. There has never been anything good come out of there except maybe and empty boat.. Give them hell dog

    • lone wolf

      DOGS A KISS ASS RACIST LIKE YOU PUTNAM YOU WHITE MAGGOT.your race didnt bring them over to be civilized,instead they brought them over to be slaves alright so get your fact are a racist jus like that baggy eyed,mullet wearing,ugly looking ,wrinkled up honky.And your a kiss ass white maggot.

  • Dennis Putnam

    Any offensive comments, comments considered spam or off-topic comments may be deleted. Oh so now we are going against the 2nd amendment . Sounds like a bunch of pantie waist pincko commies like a Clinton

  • Lee

    I have known of “Frog The Bounty Hunter” for some time now. About 7 years ago
    I saw him on an A&E documentary where he repeatedly called everyone darker
    than himself “Esse.”On the same show, a young black man fully cooperated with
    ol’ doggy, but he was forced to wear an orange t-shirt that said “fugitive” and
    was paraded around town by Mr. Crapman. The racist undertones were subtle
    but visible. After catching his series on A&E, I thought maybe I hadn’t given him
    a fair shake, after all he seemed like a nice enough guy, keeping the ice out of
    paradise and all. Nobody’s perfect, we’ve all said something that was flat-out
    stupid at one point or another in life.That in itself doesn’t make you a horrible
    person. What really makes me want to puke about Duane Chapman is this,
    simply stated he’s a coward and a worm. I say this after seeing the way he
    whimpered himself out of prison, out of mexican prison, and probably out of
    this. I was pulling and praying for ol’ doggy, but he never manned up. He prides
    himself on being a lawman, but he can arbitrarily decide not to respect other
    people’s laws. Instead, he went on every televangelist show on t.v and cried like
    a biatch. It should come as no suprise that the next time he did something stupid
    he’d call the only black guy he knows and cry for 30 minutes(like a biatch!) I
    don’t think he’ sorry for his actions so much as he’s not man enough to deal with
    the aftermath of them. Although I hate to admit it, I’d probably still watch his
    show. Just not as a fan, the guy’s a joke to me now.
    So. Cal

  • jmike72

    First off i do not think he is right by saying the word but I do have this to say. Sticks and stones!!!!!!!!!!!! It is rediculous what we have become in this day and age. It is my god given american right to like dislike who else i make want too and say what ever i want too. Granted i do not promote the n word being said but lets all grow up alittle please , I been called mexican wet back etc and i am not of spanish origin and like my parents told me sticks and stones may break my bones BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Starks

    When these guys like Kramer (Richards) and Dog say these things, honestly I’d have more respect for them if instead of calling the first black guy they can find they just said “hey, I’m racist. Take it or leave it.” Or, “hey, I say the n-word. Take it or leave it.” I mean, no one can seriously hear that tape and think any apology you offer is sincere, so just be a man and stand by your bigoted words.

  • Watch out you racist people. Technology will expose you. Before, only those around you were aware. Today the world gets to know. Today, both the law and technology help society punish wrongdoers.

  • Tony Benson

    Unbelievable, here we are seeing this man cry and pray and spit philosophy on how he has changed and loves everyone. What a crock of [email protected]#$. It doesn’t matter what spin he tried putting on it during the conversation with his son, it doesn’t matter how he tries to explain it. The fact is, Dog is a racist piece of [email protected]#$ who is unfortunately raising another generation of them. It just goes to show you that the truth will always come out. Let that be a lesson to you Dog “KKK” Chapman.

  • Sticks and stones may break your bones, but apparently words will destroy your whole damn career!

    I guess Dog Chapman isn’t entitled to have a bad day, get upset and say something stupid, or otherwise be a human being.

    Let’s be honest; we’re all capable of such screw-ups. And it’s pretty obvious by the fact he was taped in such a sneaky fashion, that it was all a set-up by his no-good son!

    But hell, Dog’s had it so easy since Mexico tried to extradite him, he was thrown in prison, his daughter was killed, etc. etc. Why not finish the job that Mexico couldn’t? Let’s back his punk son, and take this man down! Yeah, well forget that!

    After all those thousands of captures, all the people he has saved, and all the work he did to become famous and successful, including all the trials he faced in the Year Of The Dog, he’s now fighting for his life once again!!

    But my question to his detractors is; how many of you people who are condemning him for his ill-thought words, have uttered the very same ones in private? In a private conversation with a family member, as HE thought he was doing! Imagine if YOU had been ILLEGALLY taped without your knowledge?

    And the full length version of that damning tape, also has Dog talking about how his son Tucker’s girlfriend threatened to attack his wife Beth, and also about her wearing a recorder to try to get something to sell to that rag, the Enquirer!

    And instead, it was Tucker who taped and sold his own father out to the tabloid rag! That shows that Dog was right all along, and she is a no good scumbag! Too bad he didn’t know the same about his punk-ass son!

    I say screw the Enquirer, screw Tucker and his bitch, and let’s support Duane “Dog” Chapman!

    Countless acts of heroism, good deeds and charity should not be all erased by one incident. Especially when 2 scumbags are involved in a conspiracy to get you on tape in order to make a fast buck and get some quick revenge, is the reason behind it all!

    • lone wolf


  • God bless U all

    I hope all u racists people will read this:

    As a black woman….no I do not think He should get fired for stating how he felt. If he was man enought as you all claim, he will admit what he did…..But him like others are not! I have not once called any one a cracker..etc……But If you guys did your research you would know that nigger is a deragortory name for blacks, and YES to the dumb ass: we were sent here from Africa against our will, and YES Africa is a great place….the media only show the uncivilized parts of the continent, but I have been there and alot of cities here in the U.S. cant compare. To you racist people: I love you all anyway…its sad how much hate you store inside of you for a race of people who has done nothing to you. But I can understand How jealous you can be of us…..First……to Inform you….God is not white… the bible…he made us in his likeliness from the dirt! Commensense….Second….the temples and cities, rivers mentioned in the bible are/were in Africa…do the research! There are many of us that are very intelligent, successful, rich, entertainers, actors, inventors, have dance (lol), and some that are really good at stealing your women!! Ha ha ha.

  • God bless U all

    I will pray for all you dumb people who believe what he said is okay! No he shouldnt get fired….but I should change his reputation! He shows us on tv this christian, free-lover attitude and then throws it all in the trash in his phone conversation. No on deserves to be called a nigger, or anything else negative no matter the race. If you dont understand that then may God help you! and You have a big surprized coming to you on judgement day. And dont respond with stupid comments: this is a forum…..for people to leave intelligent comments. So grow up and come at me correct sweeties!!

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