FBI raids David Copperfield’s warehouse

On Thursday, a 12 man FBI team raided magician David Copperfield’s warehouse in an ongoing investigation. The warehouse, fantastically named the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts, is home to “tricks and memorabilia from around the world.” It’s also home to harddrives, digital cameras and $2 million in cash. Copperfield was performing in Indonesia at the time of the raid… or was he. Dun dun dun.

“I can say that there was investigative activity yesterday and yesterday evening in Las Vegas,” Seattle FBI Agent Robbie Burroughs said Thursday, without specifying where the activity took place or who was involved.

“The investigation is related to a Seattle case. The Seattle case is pending and that means we can’t say anything about it,” Burroughs said.

If the FBI discovered the human remains of people David sawed in half, drowned and made “disappear” to perfect his tricks and named him Las Vegas’ most prolific serial killer, that would be hilarious. Wait. Do I mean hilarious or disturbing. Um, I’m gonna stick with hilarious. For now.

Update: The news is reporting this is due to a rape claim. Thanks to two.five.three.two in the comments.

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16 years ago

The news is reporting the case is due to a rape claim.

Celebrity Trashcan
16 years ago

David Copperfield is the master of illusion. If he can make an airplane or the Statue of Liberty vanish in thin air he can surely make himself scarce. If not his fat wallet should be able to make the charges disappear.